About Us
Management Team

There are management team members at each location of the Valleyview Consumers Co-op to lead and guide the operations.

The members of the management team of Valleyview Consumers Co-op are:

  • David Wowk - General Manager
  • Cathy Kruk - Controller
  • Marcie Barkley - Human Resources Manager
  • Maureen Taylor-Miller - Office Manager/Accountant
  • Shanda Rolfe--Credit Manager
  • David McAulay -Agro Division Manager
  • Blake Krahn - Food Division Manager
  • James Rolfe - Petroleum Division Manager
  • Lorne Gryjack - Grocery Manager, Virden Food Store
  • Dave Wonsley - Bakery Manager, Virden Food Store
  • Dwayne Barkley - Meat Manager, Virden Food Store
  • Trisha Malabar - Deli Manager, Virden Food Store
  • Shawna Strandlund - Produce Manager, Virden Food Store
  • Daryl Andrew - Petroleum Supervisor, Virden Agro Centre
  • Deven Bailey- Crop Protection Manager, Virden Agro Centre
  • Wayne Matthews - Hardware Manager, Virden Agro Centre
  • Matt Pugh - Branch Manager, Oak Lake Food Store
  • Faye Gerring - Gas Bar/ Convenience Store Manager, Virden
  • Russ Kontzie - Petroleum Supervisor, Pierson Agro Centre
  • Suzanne Minshull - Grocery Manager, Pierson Food Store
  • Susan McKay - Agro Centre Manager, Pierson Agro Centre
  • Caitlin Campbell - Gas Bar/ Convenience Store Manager, Melita
  • Cameron Gregory - Kenton Hardware 
  • Tracy Alexander- Kenton Food Store 
  • Lisa Gardner- Kenton Food Store 
  • Shelley Ramsey- Oak River Food Store